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Who are the Richmond Community Coaltion?

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The Richmond Community Coalition’s objective is simple: involve more of our citizens in local government, increase voter turnout and have a more active, representative and dynamic coalition to make this happen – creating a more inclusive, safer and prosperous community!

The Richmond Community Coalition is made up of members of the community committed to better governance through increased civic participation, which will result in more inclusive local government. Our Richmond Coalition is transparent and democratic, comprised of concerned individuals and leaders from all walks of life – people who want to make our City a better place through enhanced citizen engagement.

We are focused on creating more opportunities for Richmond residents to get involved in local government. Our City is growing and our Governance structure needs to work to encourage higher voter turnout.

Richmond is one of the best internationally-connected cities in Canada. We need to capitalize on our City’s many global connections. We are a growing world city that needs to not only embrace, but build upon our tremendous international trade opportunities and cultural connections, while protecting our open spaces, heritage and ‘island’ way of life

In order to truly embrace our potential we need to be constantly vigilant and connect our community and community groups with local government to build a better Richmond – ‘together we are stronger’!

We believe that a focused “grass roots” initiative dedicated to attracting good candidates to local government will build a better City. The Richmond Community Coalition is here to do this: offering a true community alternative which will foster and support excellent candidates from all across our great City. Our community deserves nothing less.



列治文社區聯盟 列治文社區聯盟的目的簡明:鼓勵更多市民參與市政、增加選民投票,以及建立一個更活躍、更有代表性和更富動力的聯盟,以實現一個更具包容力、更安全及更繁榮的社區。

列治文社區聯盟是由社區人士組成,他們的共識是通過更多公民的參與,就可以產生更具包容力的市政府以及更妥善的管治。我們的聯盟是一個透明和民主的組織,成員都是來自不同階層的人士和領袖 – 他們都主張,加強市民參與就能將我們的城市變得更美好。



為了能夠確實地把握我們的潛力,我們須要經常提高警惕以及使我們的社區和社團與市政府保持聯繫,以建立更美好的列治文市 -「團結使我們更強大」!



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We Want to Hear From You

Our chief objective is simple, involve more of our citizens in Richmond's local government. We definitely want to hear your ideas and your questions about the civic process.

Together, we can realize Richmond's full potential.

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