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Constitution and Bylaws

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Constitution of the Richmond Community Coalition Association

Chapter 1 – Founding Provisions

1)  Name and Declaration

We, the undersigned, are desirous of establishing a society in accordance with the Society Act, R.S.B.C. 1996, c. 433 as amended, to be known as the “Richmond Community Coalition Association”, referred to hereinafter as the “Association”.

The Association, consisting of a community-based, democratically-elected board, holds true the belief that there is a need to encourage and support greater participation of our residents in civic government which, in turn, will promote long term prosperity, growth and good governance for the residents of our city.

2)  Purposes of the Association

The Purposes of the Association are:

  • to field and support the best community-minded candidates possible for election to the offices of the local government and school trustees in the City of Richmond; and
  • to continuously promote strong, community-based, civic-minded governance which is participatory, accountable, transparent, responsive, effective, efficient, equitable and inclusive. 

3)  Jurisdiction

The Association will operate primarily in the City of Richmond in the Province of British Columbia.

4)  Authority of the Constitution

This Constitution sets out all rights and responsibilities within the Association and is the final authority concerning any matters of dispute within the Association.


Bylaws of the Richmond Community Coalition Association

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We Want to Hear From You

Our chief objective is simple, involve more of our citizens in Richmond's local government. We definitely want to hear your ideas and your questions about the civic process.

Together, we can realize Richmond's full potential.

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