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Tommy Douglas once said: ‘The best way to defend democracy is to make it work”.

This week several Richmond residents, people just like yourself, took the first steps to building an even better city through what will be a transparent, democratically-elected community board that seeks to realize Richmond’s full civic, cultural and economic potential. Our goal is to make it work better.

The Richmond Community Coalition is advocating four simple ideas: Engagement, Participation, Outreach, and Community. These are words we all believe in, but there is a feeling these ideals haven’t been fully captured in recent years. Council has worked hard to advance these principles, but equally so Richmond is becoming more diverse and multi-cultural. New voices, and yes I’d even say some fresh faces, are needed to move Richmond forward. It will take a renewed effort from a group of citizens ready and willing to work week after week, year-in and year-out, in every community across Richmond to make our city a little better than it is today.

Only through engaging more Richmond citizens in the civic process, and by increasing voter turnout during elections, can we ensure our city represents a broad consensus of values. This consensus will better reflect the values of the wider community’s views on local government issues. With this in mind, the RCC is committed to holding town halls throughout Richmond this summer to hear from our fellow residents with our first town hall on July 15.

Building a broad-based community coalition of people, and yes eventually candidates, is the beginning of an exciting and meaningful process for an even better Richmond. I encourage you to engage with us so we can keep in touch; sign up for our newsletter, like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter.

Together, we can realize Richmond’s full potential.

– Rob Howard

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We Want to Hear From You

Our chief objective is simple, involve more of our citizens in Richmond's local government. We definitely want to hear your ideas and your questions about the civic process.

Together, we can realize Richmond's full potential.

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