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Richmond, B.C. June 16, 2014 – A dedicated group of Richmond community activists have launched a new group to encourage more civic participation in the upcoming municipal election this November. Former Richmond Councillor and MLA Rob Howard, current School Trustee and political commentator, Kenny Chiu, and long-time community leader Julie Halfnights, announced the formation of the Richmond Community Coalition today.

Our grassroots Coalition’s goal is to create more opportunities for Richmond citizens to get involved in our municipal government – and get more people voting in the November municipal election,” said Howard. “Richmond’s voter turnout in the 2011 municipal election was 24%, which is shocking in that less than a quarter of our eligible voters decided on who was going to run City Hall. We need to change that.

“Richmond has evolved into a major international city with incredible connections to the Asia Pacific,” said Chiu. “We need to capitalize on that – and bring more prosperity to Richmond by involving more of our citizens in preparing our City for future opportunities. That means not only getting more people to vote in the election – it means facilitating more connections among Richmond’s many business, cultural, social and sports/recreational groups so we’re more of a cohesive community. Our Coalition wants to help facilitate that.”

“Richmond has come a long way, but we need more citizens to be a part of future planning, and that starts with ensuring more of our citizens take an interest in that planning – and that the City becomes more active in encouraging that participation,” said Halfnights.

“Does that mean we’ll be running candidates in the next election?” asked Howard. “The answer is yes – we want to make the election more accessible to Richmond citizens who want to run for local office, to make Richmond a better place.”

The Coalition plans to begin its outreach to the Richmond community throughout the summer, and will be creating a formal Board shortly, along with reaching out for new candidates. The newly formed board will also discuss how to better engage youth and recent immigrants, hold vibrant town hall meetings, and explore new ways to engage local community groups, in order to increase voter turnout in the November municipal election.


For further details, please contact:

Rob Howard, Richmond Community Coalition
T: 604-340-9991
E: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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Our chief objective is simple, involve more of our citizens in Richmond's local government. We definitely want to hear your ideas and your questions about the civic process.

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