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Roundtable discussion on police servicesRichmond, BC – Strong public safety initiatives mean a strong community. Last night the Richmond Community Coalition Association (RCCA) hosted a roundtable discussion with community and business leaders about the safety and financial impacts of replacing the RCMP with a local police force.

"I believe we all strive for a safer community – everyone wants better policing," said Rob Howard, RCCA president. "We are asking the taxpayers, 'given the uncertain state of the economy, should the City spend millions of dollars in added costs for a local police service of the same size, that may not provide a better response to local requests?' It is an important question to seek answers to."

Participants discussed the pros and cons of both proposals and it was recognized the importance of the community and law enforcement working together as partners. It was clear that Richmond residents want an accessible police force but the community needs to determine what service it wants and whether the current police can deliver it.

"Policing is such an important issue, from a safety and security perspective as well as financially for the taxpayer," said Howard. "It is essential that policing be discussed thoroughly and with great care before any changes are made."

The Richmond Community Coalition Association’s objective is to involve more residents in local government, increase voter turnout and through a more active, representative and dynamic coalition create a more inclusive, safer and prosperous community.



Richmond Community Coalition Director, Rob Howard
Phone: 604-340-9991

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