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RICHMOND, October 22, 2014 - Richmond Community Coalition Council candidate, Dan Baxter, and School Trustee candidate, Matt Pitcairn, today announced the Coalition’s campaign commitments for the Steveston community ahead of the all-candidates forum to be held at the Steveston Community Centre Wednesday evening.

Richmond Community Coalition Council candidate, Dan Baxter, is a father of two young boys who is raising his family with his wife in Steveston. “Steveston is one of the most unique places to live and play in. The community truly has a small village feel in the larger City of Richmond,” said Baxter. “With not just one, but two national historic sites at the Gulf of Georgia Cannery and the Britannia Heritage Shipyard, as well as the largest commercial fishing harbour in Canada, Steveston residents feel a strong connection to our roots that will help shape our future. With many issues facing Richmond residents who live in Steveston, it’s important we have a Council that reflects the diverse make-up of this part of our city.”

School Trustee candidate Matt Pitcairn, a long-time Steveston resident who grew up in Steveston added, “Steveston is one of the historic epicenters of Richmond and today is a unique community that continues to evolve, while still embracing its historic past. It is important to have a council, which charts a path forward for Steveston that finds a balance between the social, economic, and environmental concerns of the community.”

Among the proposed Steveston community initiatives planned are:

  • Hold Annual Town Hall meetings with Council in Steveston;
  • Revise Steveston Conservation plan with the Steveston community;
  • Expedite discussions about Steveston’s economic development, including facilitating a BIA validation process by January, 2016;
  • Develop a solution to the Onni/Steveston waterfront situation by 2016, if not earlier, recognizing that the City is negotiating them currently for a maximum community return; and
  • Work with Steveston Harbour Authority to coordinate and collaborate on Steveston waterfront development and dredging.

Coalition Council candidates include: Incumbents Chak Au and Ken Johnston, and new candidates, Sal Bhullar, Dan Baxter, Kirby Graeme, and Helen Quan. School trustee candidates are: Matt Pitcairn, Jonathan Ho, and Moushtak Estepho.

The Richmond Community Coalition is committed to making local government more efficient, more accountable and more responsible. The Coalition was established earlier this year to increase voter turnout and encourage City Hall to engage local citizens more in government. Its Board of Directors comprise a wide range of community activists, with long records of community service to Richmond.



Dan Baxter - 778-986-5001 / This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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