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RICHMOND, July 16, 2014 – There was standing-room only as concerned citizens came to the first open town hall hosted by the Richmond Community Coalition to discuss civic engagement at the Richmond Cultural Centre.

"I'm so impressed by the sense of community which permeated in our town hall audience’s questions and comments. There was a genuine care and determination to engage anyone wanting to participate in enhancing our beautiful city", said event co-facilitator Kenny Chiu.

The evening began with a speech from special guest Stockwell Day, former Leader of Canada’s Official Opposition, and senior government Cabinet Minister, focused on the significant decisions that local governments make. Day also stressed the importance of voting and the impact that just one vote can make. In his concluding remarks Day stated, "You might not always get your way, but you should always have the right to have your say."

After the opening remarks the evening was turned over to the audience for their opinions on a range of issues. Some of the feedback included:

  • more transparency from City Hall
  • promoting a healthy environment for local businesses to flourish
  • housing affordability and particularly the challenges faced by young adults who were raised in this community but find it difficult to stay in Richmond

“I thought the very specific notion of QR codes on development permit applications and billboards was the single easiest but most effective item suggested, especially if tied to an easier to navigate and read web presence” said Julie Halfnights, co-event facilitator.

Overall, two of the central reoccurring themes of the evening were the need to make it easier to vote, and the urgent need for improved communication between citizens and City Hall.

“We sincerely appreciate all of the people who shared local priorities and views on how we can increase civic engagement in our community,” said meeting Chair, Rob Howard. “We’re looking forward to the next Town Hall.”



Rob Howard, Richmond Community Coalition Chair - 604-341-9991 / This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

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Our chief objective is simple, involve more of our citizens in Richmond's local government. We definitely want to hear your ideas and your questions about the civic process.

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