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Richmond, B.C. – October 21, 2015 – Councillors Chak Au and Ken Johnston of the Richmond Community Coalition Association (RCCA) heard residents’ concerns and ideas about affordable and sustainable housing at a Town Hall meeting tonight.

Both came away with ideas on how to challenge the current City Hall approach to housing, and work towards a system that provides affordable homes for Richmond residents.

The Town Hall is one of a series RCCA is holding to discuss important community issues and featured Professor Patrick Condon, chair of UBC’s Masters of Urban Design program, who focused on developing a sustainable community.

“Listening to residents is the only way to bring the community together and build consensus on the many important issues facing Richmond,” said Au. “This meeting was essential because of the growth pressures facing our community in the coming years.”

“Open consultation and discussion on this important issue is the only way to develop realistic and thorough recommendations,” said Johnston. “This is about ensuring future housing solutions provide the best possible options for our community.”

At the meeting, Professor Condon explained that one way to improve access to housing and housing wealth is by allowing existing properties to be stratified. This would allow for new, smaller families and families without the salaries necessary to purchase Richmond’s existing high priced inventory of single family homes to enter the market.

“Finding a way to create a ladder to wealth for our children is our hardest challenge,” said Condon. “Access to home ownership, once taken for granted, is becoming increasingly difficult.”

Condon also explained that this strategy will reinvigorate parts of the city that seem to be losing their vitality.

The Richmond Community Coalition Association’s objective is to involve more residents in local government, increase voter turnout and through a more active, representative and dynamic coalition create a more inclusive, safer and prosperous community.


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