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Community Safety

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The Richmond Community Coalition Association (RCCA) believes strong public safety means a strong community and recognizes the importance of the community and law enforcement working together as partners to increase public confidence in our city.

RCCA Key Values to Crime Prevention

The Richmond Community Coalition Association believes that greater emphasis on police-community relations and on engagement with the community to identify and solve problems is essential in the City of Richmond. RCCA is calling for:

  • A community-based, proactive, problem-solving approach to crime prevention
  • Police to communicate with and work in close partnership with the community
  • The City of Richmond to plan developments with crime resistant strategies that support
  • the public safety initiatives which police and residents’ desire.

RCCA believes sincere cooperation is essential to establish community-based crime prevention and victim assistance programs. The City, police, and residents must all be involved in planning community safety initiatives.

Municipal Spending

RCCA recognizes that municipal spending outpaces provincial and federal government contributions to the community. This restricts the City’s ability to fund important needs and initiatives. Numerous reports, e.g. Statistics Canada Juristat Article - Police resources in Canada 2013 and FCM Towards Equity and Efficiency in Policing, indicate that although all levels of government are involved in public safety, it is the municipalities that pay almost 60 per cent of Canada’s policing costs. RCCA believes it is time to:

  • Carefully examine how community policing can support law enforcement in being more effective in ensuring safety for residents within the existing financial restraints
  • Establish a safe community advisory council to oversee a community safety assessment
  • Enhance the Block Watch program and the Auxiliary Constables program
  • Conduct annual, joint community/RCMP Town Halls in all areas.

RCCA Crime Prevention Strategies

  • RCCA continues to advocate for City of Richmond investment in essential community crime reduction programs
  • RCCA is advocating for RCMP foot and bicycle patrols in areas identified as at risk for crime
  • RCCA urges the Provincial and Federal Governments to support the City of Richmond by providing sustainable funding for community-based crime reduction programs
  • RCCA continues to work with key partners and stakeholders to share knowledge and develop constructive ways to reduce crime
  • RCCA encourages greater community understanding and improved consultation around parolees in the community
  • RCCA will work with the National Crime Prevention Centre (NCPC) to develop strong and cost-effective ways to prevent and reduce crime through risk intervention before crime occurs. NCPC is part of Public Safety Canada.

Successful crime prevention requires the active participation by community members and RCCA welcomes Richmond residents to get actively engaged, through community Town Hall discussions or communicating with elected representatives, in efforts to enhance community safety.

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