Our Board of Governors

Kenny Chiu

In a world plagued with divisiveness and identity politics,
one would be challenged to find hope and inspiration. Our rapidly
changing Richmond is not immune to such struggles. This is why it is
such a precious gem to find a group of shared values folks, willing to
work together striving for a better community, and fellow citizens bent
to offer the fresh leadership for a better and stronger Richmond.

Julie Halfnights

Richmond is at a crossroad. As someone who volunteers
to help make Richmond a safer, more inclusive and healthier place, I am
happy to continue to support the Richmond Community Coalition. They are
aware of community issues and are connected to voices that need to be
heard as we plan for Richmond’s future.

Wendy Yuan

I believe that by engaging more Richmond citizens in the
civic process, and by increasing voter turnout our city can represent a
broad consensus of values and diversity. This will better reflect the
collective community’s views toward local government issues concerning
all Richmond residents. Building a broad based community coalition of
people is the right path toward a better Richmond. Together, we can
make Richmond one of the most desirable cities for all.

Dan Baxter

Richmond is a great city with so much potential, but it will
take a new way of doing local government to fully realize that
potential. Thanks to RCCA’s commitment to community, outreach,
participation, and engagement, we can build a city that brings all
Richmond residents together for a better tomorrow.

Michael Chiu

I have been a long time resident of Richmond and believe it
my duty to help the next generation move in to elected government. RCCA
has a three term policy for those that serve on Council and I agree with
that policy. Our current council has been there too long. Our city is
changing and I want to be part of a group that understands the need for
growth in a well planned but timely way.

Johnny Cheung

Johnny's bio is coming soon