Candidates for School Board


Red light: Stop school closures and do safety upgrades. It’s not just about seismic upgrades it’s about moldy portables, leaky roofs, and
strong anti-bullying programs. Stop anything that compromises the safety of our children

Yellow Light: We clearly and firmly support an all-inclusive society and student body. We want all students to feel safe, included, and enriched by the world-class education system here in Richmond.

Green Light: Build a City Centre School... For years there have been attempts to get a City Centre school built. We will have a shovel in the ground before the end of our mandate. School Board and Council have been stuck in a power struggle for years we need to  act together and get this done.

Grace Tsang


I am honoured to be a Richmond School Trustee candidate with the
Richmond Community Coalition whose mandate is to promote harmony and
balance in our community. I believe that the Richmond Board of
Education must encourage open relationships with all stakeholders and
community partners to work together to meet the ever expanding needs of
our public education. To improve student achievement we need a school
environment that promotes health, safety, social responsibility, as well
as parental involvement. My life and work experience have given me a
deep appreciation and commitment to public education. Being an RCC
school trustee is one way that I am able to give back to our community.

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                                             Harv Puni

Harv Puni

As a born and raised Richmonite I have seen many changes in my city over the last 41 years. I have been fully entrenched in this community through schooling, sports and my professional life. Now I am a father of two young boys who attend the same Elementary school that I attended. A lot of the friends I grew up with are now teachers in Richmond or have children in our school district. I have a vested interest in making sure Richmond schools continue to provide a quality education and a positive school experience for our children in the years to come. As a Richmond School Trustee I vow to serve the city that I love and cherish

As a candidate for RCC, I believe we have a diverse team that can bridge the gaps between students, parents, educators, and city council to encourage harmony and create a balanced approach to managing funding to provide the safety needs of our school structures and the mental health and safety needs of our students.

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Rod Belleza

Rod Belleza

I believe in enabling our children’s individual
potential by providing them the best quality education. Every child in
Richmond deserves to have a quality education. The Richmond Board of
Education must put the needs of our students first and should foster a
safe, healthy and inclusive environment-an environment where everybody
feels welcome to learn and work together for the greatest good of our
schools and our community. We need members of the Board who have
knowledge and experience on good governance, prudent fiscal management,
organizational sustainability and student achievement. Electing the
Richmond Community Coalition team of candidates will make that a
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Rahim Othman


I believe in giving back to the community by enriching multiculturalism,
social acceptance and cultural harmony. I have long been an active
volunteer in community activities that promote community dialogue, civic
engagement, multiculturalism, and harmony. As an RCCA School Trustee I
believe I can bring my passion to the youth of Richmond through a
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Kieth Liedtke

Keith Liedtke

The Richmond Community Coalition Association has a mandate for harmony
and balance in our community and our schools. This is what first drew me
to RCCA. It is an association that have values similar to my own. RCCA
members are a coalition that listens to the voices of our Richmond
families. A team that has heard our communities’ voice for change in our
schools to better prepare our youth for a happy and prosperous future.
This is critical to the growth and future of our children. I will speak
to Richmond parents and I pledge to carry their voice to School Board. I
am honoured to be an RCCA candidate for Richmond School Board Trustee. Read More