October 12, 2018

TODAY the Richmond Community Coalition candidates spoke to all Chinese Activist Groups and asked them too respectfully stop lobbying for Chinese voters to mark their ballots only for Chinese Candidates.
Richmond Community Coalition candidates Chak Au, Melissa Zhang, Jonathan Ho and Grace Tsang spoke to media about the wedge that some Chinese Activist groups are creating in their City.

Incumbent Ken Johnston talked about being a founding member of the Richmond Community Coalition. “In my years as an MLA and as a Richmond City Councilor I have worked alongside Richmond residents advocating for their efforts to make our City shine. This past year there have been politicians who have actively tried to divide Richmond, who have attacked our farmers and their livelihood, who have suggested our ethnic residents are self-centered and self-serving. Today our team stands united together to say HARMONY and BALANCE requires ACTION and we will fight against any group who tries to get elected by dividing our city along ethnic lines.”

Incumbent councilor Chak Au talked about his years as a Richmond Councilor. “I have been an advocate for all Richmond residents over my years as a family councilor and during my years on Richmond council. I am sad to see how some current and future politicians are actively trying to divide our wonderful city along ethnic lines. We support harmony within our communities with a platform to work with Richmond’s diverse population for a balanced and better city. The Richmond Community Coalition is the family we should all be most comfortable with”.

“I am a proud Richmond resident who comes from a Mandarin background” says RCC candidate Melissa Zhang. “I have worked hard as a volunteer to educate new Canadian citizens who came from mainland China as I did. I participated in workshops to explain how important it is to engage and vote in Canada, particularly in your own community. As a proud member of the Richmond Community Coalition team I tell voters that not all Candidates are alike and they should be voting for candidates they trust and believe will work hard for all of Richmond so that we will have a voice that promotes HARMONY between residents and local government.

Jonathan Ho and Grace Tsang echo their colleagues words. Both Jonathan and Grace have been strong voices as School Trustees. Jonathan Ho says: “I felt it was time for me to step forward and run for Council this election to be a voice on council that knows what parents are concerned about and I believe I can be a bridge between School Board and Council”.

Grace Tsang is returning to run for School Trustee as she sees how little has been done the last 4 years to prepare students for their future. “I am disappointed that the last 4 years has not seen growth and progress. I feel that there has been a total disconnect between Council and School Board. I have chosen to be part of a team that is like ‘family.’ The Richmond Community Coalition believes in working together, in finding a balanced approach between residents who are not only voters concerned about their city government but parents who are concerned about their children’s future”.

“We are family” says RCC President Rob Howard. “We purposely put together a candidate team who have diverse backgrounds who believe in a community that embraces its cultural differences and wants to work in Harmony to make Richmond a better place to live work and play. We will do this by taking action to make affordable housing a reality, to address traffic gridlock, to make our community safe for everyone, and to teach our children that we are all proud Canadians.”

Incumbent Councillor Ken Johnston - 604 220-4819
Incumbent Councillor Chak Au - 778-893-8882
Richmond Community Coalition President: Rob Howard - 604 340 9991