Community Safety

Community Safety

Did you know that Richmond has 33% less police per person than the national average? What this means is that people do not see police on the street and because of that, they don’t feel safe. There is increasing gun violence in our residential neighborhoods and break-ins have increased. People are concerned about the safety of their homes, their families, and their businesses. All of the Richmond Community Coalition candidates are determined to address this immediately when voted into office.

We will make community safety a priority by:

1. Adding 50 more police officers to the force within the next 3 years
2. Reducing police response times
3. Staging medical response vehicles out of our fire stations

We will lead the charge to make sure criminals know they are not welcome in Richmond.

Do you have ideas to help support make Richmond’s neighborhoods safer? We are here to make sure your voice is heard. Contact us and let us know what you want from City Hall.