Housing Affordability

Housing Affordability

Families are being pulled apart and being forced to leave Richmond, as a result of the runaway cost of living. Seniors are struggling to find housing they can afford, and young people are leaving Richmond in search of affordability. On top of this, we now have a new government in Victoria who thinks they can tax their way to affordability by raising taxes on everything. Something has to change before things get even more out of control and more of our family, friends and neighbors are pushed out of Richmond.

The Richmond Community Coalition knows that you cannot tax your way to affordability. We will respect taxpayers and control taxes, while taking real action on housing solutions to fix the “missing middle.” Supporting a diverse balance of housing options will improve affordability and give people choices to keep their families together in Richmond, now and for the future.

People are concerned about the pace of development.

We need to build housing, but we need to make sure we work with neighbourhoods and get it right.



Our 3 Point Affordability Action Plan:

1. Fast track more affordable rental housing near City Centre aggressively so that hardworking people with jobs in Richmond can afford to live close to work.

2. Take a balanced “gentle density” policy to maintain the character of single-family neighborhoods, while adding housing options and creating rental opportunities that will help homeowners.

3. Support culturally-appropriate seniors housing, so that our parents and grandparents are close by and easy to visit, but have the day-to-day support and care they need

Do you have ideas to help make Richmond more affordable for our friends and neighbors? We are here to make sure your voice is heard. Contact us and let us know what you want from City Hall.