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Harvi Puni

Harv Puni Born and raised in Richmond, Harv Puni has been a fixture in the South Arm community for 41 years. His first job was taking care of the lawns and gardens at London Farms at the age of 14. He went on to study broadcasting and became a very well known radio and television presenter. He also continued to own and operate a successful automotive business here in Richmond for over a decade. He now travels the continent as a stand-up comedian who always refers back to his roots growing up in Richmond.

Harv is a charismatic and engaging publicspeaker who does not shy away from questions and does his best to meet each challenge head on. He has always been a natural leader amongst his peers. He has spent many years coaching sports and giving back to his hometown as a volunteer. His willingness to not only help but go above and beyond to make his community a better place is evident when you speak to anyone familiar with him.

Harv continues to live in the same South Arm neighborhood with beautiful family. His two young boys now attend the same elementary school as their father. His work in the community and ability to bridge generational gaps with his humor have helped him excel at all of his endeavors.

Q & A

1. How long have you lived in Richmond? Why do you love living here?
Have lived in Richmond since birth.

2. What do you feel the 3 biggest issues facing Richmond are?

I feel the 3 biggest issues facing Richmond are:?a: Losing the sense of community in the neighborhoods?b: Lack of youth/students?. Both a+b can be attributed to lack of affordability

3. If voted into office what is the first thing you hope to achieve?

First thing I hope to acheive is an initiative I believe we need whether I get into office or not. I believe we need to bring back the block watch. Richmond has always had neighborhoods surrounding a central school. Those neighborhoods have been distinguished byt the street names such as the Monds, the Mores, the Roses, the Seas, the Kings. We need to have apps or watsapp groups for each neighborhood to report suspicious activity, for the safety of children, and just to get to know the neighbors and bring back a sense of community.

4. Why have you chosen to be a part of the Richmond Community Coalition specifically?

It seems to me that the RCCA is a looser Association and less of a party leaning 'left' or 'right'. The mission statements and ideals of the RCCA seem to be more in line with what I would like to see and accomplish.

5. What have you done in your professional life that will help you in your public role?

I work as a professional Comedian/MC. I have hosted events and performed in from of thousands of people. This year I sold out the River Rock Casino and performed in front of 1000 Richmondites (where I announced my desire to be Mayor to a standing ovation). I have worked Radio and Television for many years and am very comfortable speaking in public. I have hosted events in front of 50,000 people and more.

6. Please give a background of your education and professional experience.

Graduated from McNair. Associate of Arts from KPU. Broadcasting Diploma from Columbia Academy. Worked in automotive industry for many years. Started out selling cars. Opened my own auto glass business in 2001 on Westminster Highway until 2012. Been doing comedy and events ever since.

7. Tell us three things about you that most people don’t know.
a: I hate getting dirty (total princess)

b: I've always wanted to be involved in politics

c: I'm still friends with most of my friends since birth

8. Tell us a little bit about your hobbies and interests, and why they are important to you.
I still play men's league hockey, soccer, and basketball. Not only is it important to get a good sweat in but the camaraderie is very important as well.

9. On a typical weekend you will find me doing this:
Weekends are for my wife and kids. I have a beautiful family who has usually planned 18 activities for me over the weekend.