Richmond Community Coalition Announces Community Safety Plan

Richmond Community Coalition Announces Community Safety Plan

Richmond Community Coalition Announces Community Safety Plan

News Release
For Release: October 12, 2018

“Community Safety is a top priority for our team, and the community needs to be a part of it,” said Richmond Community Coalition’s Councillor Ken Johnston. It has become increasing important to the residents of Richmond that we elect a council that reflects the voices in our community.”

“This is more than just an idle political commitment,” said Councillor Chak Au, “the number of break and enters’ in our homes and cars needs to be seriously addressed. Our commitment to deal with that is part of a broader-ranging safety initiative that will make our homes, streets, workplaces and public places more safe for our families and workers.” The RCMP reported in August, 2014 that auto B+E’s were up 73.9% from the previous year and over the past 4 years that has continued to rise.

“It’s clear that we need to have more proactive relationship between the community, the City and the RCMP, and we will have that if our Coalition candidates are elected,” said Council candidate Jonathan Ho. “The public wants a good relationship with the RCMP and our RCC team will work to bring residents and police together to find solutions that work”

RCC candidate Parm Bains believes his past success in having dialogue with youth will continue to bring together the community. “We can only achieve success by having Harmony in our community and balance in the relationship between local government, the RCMP and residents. Then we can take action”.

Among the proposed community safety initiatives planned are:
• Conducting a community safety assessment with the RCMP under a new safe community advisory council, comprised of senior community stakeholders and Youth
• Safe communities by funding block watch Street safety through Block Watch grant from City – incentives for communities as they grow the number of Block Watch volunteers they have
• RCMP presence – hire enough Police to match officers/capita to national average
• Annual joint City/RCMP community safety Town Hall meetings in all areas of Richmond.

“We’re not trying to scare people about crime in our community – we just want them to be more secure and make every effort to reduce crime, said Melissa Zhang. Engaging seniors in their own neighbourhood Block Watch is a plan I have been working on.”

Coalition Council candidates include: Incumbents Chak Au and Ken Johnston, and new candidates, Jonathan Ho, Parm Bains, and Melissa Zhang.

School trustee candidates are concerned about the new Marijuana legislation that comes into effect this month. With a week to go is there any dialogue at all between Council and School Trustees? Will the city enforce a 0 tolerance zone around our schools? What is the Board of Educations plans to help parents talk to their children about Marijuana use?

School trustee candidates include: Grace Tsang, Rod Belleza, Harv Puni, Keith Liedtke, and Rahim Othman.

For Further Information:

Incumbent Councillor Ken Johnston - 604 220-4819
Incumbent Councillor Chak Au - 778-893-8882
Council Candidate Melissa Zhang - 604-722-6618