A School for City Centre

As more density and more housing gets built in the City Centre, a school is overdue. The current School Board has not done enough and it is time for more assertive action to make sure the need is met.

We will take leadership and take action to get a City Centre elementary school built in 5 years. We need to make sure there is a functional and productive relationship between City Council and the School Board in order to deliver results.

Seismic Upgrades / School Closures

Richmond is in danger if there is an earthquake, and our children are at risk. The current school board has not done enough to keep our children safe and even worse they are opting to close schools instead of addressing the problem. This forces parents to send their children to schools outside of their catchments, meaning more time stuck in traffic and less time spending meaningful time together.
We will fight for seismic upgrades to every school in Richmond, in order to keep our children safe and educated in the neighborhoods they live in.


Bullying and Mental Health

We need to support our children if they are dealing with bullying or mental health issues at school.
We will implement a multilingual 24/7 anti-bullying and mental health hotline for children and parents in partnership with organizations like Vancouver Coastal Health.

Practical Education

We need to make sure our children are learning skills for the real world.
Building on RCC Trustee Jonathan Ho’s success with introducing financial literacy in schools, we will partner with non-profit organizations and post-secondary institutions to teach the technical and entrepreneurial skills that will prepare our children to succeed in the real world.


Young people and families are leaving Richmond in search of affordability, which is hollowing out our schools. Reduced enrollment threatens popular academic, arts, and sports programs. Without a critical mass of students, we are at risk of school closures. Something has to change.

We will keep families together, living in Richmond, going to Richmond schools. By taking action on the right balance of housing options, we will improve affordability and stop the hollowing out of our schools.
Catchment Policy

Our “learn where you live” strategy will review catchment policies that frustrate many parents. We will keep families together, living in Richmond, going to Richmond schools.

Do you have ideas to help make Richmond’s school system a stronger and more equitable one? We are here to make sure your voice is heard. Contact us and let us know what you want from City Hall.