The Richmond Community Coalition is pleased to announce two new candidates for school trustee

The Richmond Community Coalition is pleased to announce two new candidates for school trustee

Grace Tsang

Grace Tsang is a Former Richmond Board of Education Trustee from 2005-2014 who has come back to continue her good work on the Richmond Board of Education. Grace’s experience and dedication to Richmond School system will make her a leader on a new Richmond Board of Education that can work will a new Richmond City Council to better meet the needs of students.

I am honoured to be a Richmond School Trustee candidate with the Richmond Community Coalition whose mandate is to promote harmony and balance in our community. I believe that the Richmond Board of Education must encourage open relationships with all stakeholders and community partners to work together to meet the ever expanding needs of our public education. To improve student achievement we need a school environment that promotes health, safety, social responsibility, as well as parental involvement. My life and work experience have given me a deep appreciation and commitment to public education. Being an RCC school trustee is one way that I am able to give back to our community. Read More about Grace here.


Harv Puni

Harv Puni is a long time coach and mentor to Richmond’s Secondary School students. Harv is active in his children’s elementary school. It’s time to step up, time to be part of a positive way to make the Richmond School system even better.

As someone born and raised in Richmond I have seen many changes in my city over the last 41 years. I have been fully entrenched in this community through schooling, sports and my professional life. Now I am a father of two young boys who attend the same Elementary school that I attended. I have a vested interest in making sure Richmond schools continue to provide a quality education and a positive school experience for our children. As a Richmond School Trustee I will serve the city that I love and cherish. As a candidate for RCC, I believe we have a diverse team that can bridge the gaps between students, parents, educators, and city council to encourage harmony and create a balanced approach to providing the safety needs of our school structures and the mental health and safety needs of our students. Read More about Harv here.