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Apr 20
And it's a wrap! Credit side vs. debit side, saving vs. spending... Trustee @JonathanHo99 took part of the last pre…
Mar 29
The @RMDCoalition is pleased the B.C. government has acknowledged the hard work @Richmond_BC has done to bring a Ne…
Mar 17
Parents! Join Trustee @jonathanho99 at TWOKAM(@TWOKAMday) on Wednesday April 18! The first of TWOKAM Day 2018 even…
Feb 28
Members of your RCCA Team caught up with fellow #RichmondBC residents over #TeaandTalk this week #rmdpoli
Feb 28
Team Member Melissa Zhang was out and about supporting @chimoservices "Coldest Night" walk in #richmondbc.
Feb 28
School Trustee @JonathanHo99 was at @RPLBC 's Main Branch to answer questions about #bced in our community during t…
Feb 20
From all of us at RCCA, we wish everyone celebrating the Lunar New Year good health and prosperity in the Year of t…
20 Dec 2017
Let the holiday season be a celebration of great traditions, family & #RichmondBC. Trustee @JonathanHo99 attended t…
14 Dec 2017
A great (and healthy!) week for South Arm residents, with @kenj58 attending the opening of the @SouthArmCC (SACC) F…
14 Dec 2017
Whether it was the food, the fun or simply the merry holiday spirit, Trustee @JonathanHo99 and his family's support…
  • Rob Howard, Former MLA and City Councillor

    The Richmond Community Coalition is made up of members of the community committed to better governance through increased civic participation, which will result in more inclusive local government.

    Our Coalition is transparent and democratic, comprised of concerned individuals and leaders from all walks of life – people who want to make our City a better place through enhanced citizen engagement.
  • Julie Halfnights, Community Leader

    As it grows and changes, Richmond must maintain a sense of belonging within neighbourhoods, building on what has historically existed and supporting efforts in new and rebuilt areas.

    I know this will happen when all residents know they can speak up, be listened to and will be supported when they want to get involved.

We Want to Hear From You

Our chief objective is simple, involve more of our citizens in Richmond's local government. We definitely want to hear your ideas and your questions about the civic process.

Together, we can realize Richmond's full potential.

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